FALL 2017

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Intro Course

ESS 33600-01 (10148) Education, Schooling & Society (McKenna) M W - 9:30A - 10:45A

Senior Capstone Seminar

ESS43640-01 (12063) Seminar Educational Research (Christensen) M W - 2:00P - 3:15P

ESS43640-02 (13283) Seminar Educational Research (Christensen) T R - 2:00P - 3:15P

ESS43640-03 14501 Seminar Educational Research Kloser, Matthew M W - 9:30A - 10:45A

Education-Focused Electives

ESS20202-01 (16001) Social Inequality & Amer Educ (Langenkamp) M W - 9:30A - 10:45A

ESS20209-01 (16411) Psych-Soc Effects of Bullying (Wernert) M W - 8:00A - 9:15A

ESS30401-01* (15112) Writing Ctr. Theory & Practice (Capdevielle) W - 6:00P - 8:30P

ESS30504-01 (20358) Economics of Education (Gibbs) T R - 11:00A - 12:15P

ESS30605-01 (20359) Education Law and Policy (Schoenig) M W - 12:30P - 1:45P

ESS30614-01 (16423) Educational Psychology (Christensen) M W - 3:30P - 4:45P

ESS30629-01 (14610) Early Childhood Policy in U.S. (Fulcher-Dawson) M W - 11:00A - 12:15P

ESS30630-01 (20360) Contemp Thinking in Phil of Ed (McKenna) M W - 11:00A - 12:15P

ESS30635-01 (20361) Race,Cult & ID in Urbn Schools (Madkins) T R - 11:00A - 12:15P

ESS30674-01 (20528) Methods in SL Teaching (Oglesbee) T R - 12:30P - 1:45P

ESS33361-01 (17822) Equity, Justice, US Higher Ed (Hudson) M W - 3:30P - 4:45P

ESS33611-01 (13754) History of Amer. Ed: Race, Pol (Collier) M W - 8:00A - 9:15A

ESS33624-01 (19897) Shkspr & Tolkien: Lit & School (Staud) M W - 2:00P - 3:15P

ESS33627-01 (14952) CBL:Literacy Dvlpmt & Children (Christensen) T - 11:00A - 12:15P

ESS33629-01 (20529) Diversity in Young Adult Lit (Macaluso) M W - 12:30P - 1:45P

ESS43204-01 (16071) Racial/Ethnic Educational Ineq (Langenkamp) M W - 11:00A - 12:15P

Education-General Electives

ESS43256-01 (13289) Developing Minds (Day) T R - 12:30P - 1:45P

ESS30221-01 (14951) Religion and Social Life (Christiano) M W - 3:30P - 4:45P

ESS30306-01 (20527) Africa-America Hist since 1865 (Pierce) T R - 12:30P - 1:45P

ESS45652-01 (13466) Mexican Immigration (Richman) T R - 12:30P - 1:45P

ESS45653-01 (20873) Service Mexican Immigration (Richman) TBA

Research Labs

ESS47602-01* (14920) Research Lab (McKenna)

ESS47602-02* (15049) Research Lab (McNeil)

ESS47602-04* (18228) Research Lab (Greene)

ESS47602-05* (15074) Research Lab (Collier)

ESS47602-06* (16069) Research Lab (Ambrose)

ESS47602-08* (15070) Research Lab (Kloser)

ESS47602-10* (16225) Research Lab (Christensen)

ESS47602-12* (20917) Research Lab (Garnett, Schoenig)

ESS47602-14* (20918) Research Lab (Berends)

ESS47602-15* (20919) Research Lab (Cummings)

To sign up for a research lab or directed reading, please speak first to the professor with whom you're interested in working. If you don't see that professor listed here, contact Ann Primus Berends.


1-credit Course

ESS 30611-01 (10152) Tutoring in the Community (Masters) F 10:30 - 11:20A

Study Abroad Courses (Check for Availability)

Budapest, Hungary

ESS 34710   Practicum: Experiencing the Hungarian Approach thru Observation/Teaching (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 34711   Discovery Learning: The Posa Method (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 34712   Problem Solving in Secondary School Mathematics (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

Dakar, Senegal

ESS 34700   Education and Culture (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

Dublin, Ireland

ESS 34720    Philosophy and Sociology of Education: Essential Information (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 34721    Irish Educational History and Policy (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

Fremantle, Australia

ESS 34670   Children's Literature (3 cr.) Ed-General

ESS 34671   Development and Learning (3 cr.) Ed-General

ESS 34673   Understanding and Guiding Children’s Behavior (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 34674   Principles of Primary Religious Education (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 34675   Families and Partnerships in Teaching and Learning (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 34676   Child Development 0-8 (3 cr.) Ed-General

London, England 

ESS 34352   Directed Rdgs: Catechesis for Children and Families in London (V)

ESS 34354   London Education Internship (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 44351   Influences on Early Social and Cognitive Development (3 cr.) Ed-General

Nagoya, Japan

ESS 34680 Comparative Education (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

Puebla, Mexico

ESS 34690 Internship in Education (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

Rome, Italy

ESS 34660 Developmental Psychology (3 cr.) Ed-General

Santiago, Chile

ESS 34650  Education in Our Time (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 34651  Education and Philosophy (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 34652 Diversity and Inclusion in Education (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 34653  Approaches to Poverty and Development (3 cr.) Ed-General

ESS 34654  Education and Society (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 34655  Education Through Time (3 cr.) Ed-Focused 

ESS 34656  Management in Heterogenous Classrooms (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

Toledo, Spain 

ESS 34360 Education Seminar (with experience in local schools) (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

Washington, DC

ESS 34750 Politics of Education (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

Other courses available upon request.



Take the Intro class by the middle of your junior year.

Choose at least two electives from the Education Focused category. The third may be either Education Focused or Education General.

Choose electives from different disciplines; one may be in your major (but cannot be double counted for your major).

If you are a major in a course we cross-list, please register as a major, not as an ESS student. Once the semester has started, contact Ann Primus Berends to count the course for ESS.

Three credits of Research Lab (ESS 47602) can be counted as one Education Focused elective.

The Seminar in Educational Research is offered only in the fall of senior year.

Students who write a Thesis in Major must take an additional Education Focused elective.

ESS will consider, on a case-by-case basis, courses not cross-listed with ESS but that have applicable content. For approval of a course, please contact Ann Primus Berends.