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  • Summer Service Opportunities

The Center for Social Concerns offers summer internships through its International Summer Service Learning Program (ISSLP) and its national Summer Service Learning Program (SSLP), 3 credit theology courses with an 8-week immersion experience geared to help people in need. Three April class sessions are followed by an 8 week internship (includes reading/writing component) with follow-up in the fall. Applications for international internships are accepted/approved on a rolling basis between mid-September to early November. Applications for national internships are accepted/approved on a rolling basis between mid-November and mid-February.  Includes a stipend. Scholarships available. 

Social Enterprise and Microfinance internships are also available to sophomores and juniors in the College of Business, or students who have completed relevant social enterprise or micro finance courses.

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  • Post-Graduate Service Opportunities

This just in from SAGA Innovations: "Want to do something meaningful for a year? Interested in exploring a career in non-profits or education policy, or simply are passionate about social justice? SAGA offers full-time, in-school, professional math tutoring in some of the lowest performing public schools across the nation. Each Tutor works with two students at a time for each period of the school day, and will have a personal caseload of no more than 14 students for the entire school year. They drive student achievement by providing individualized instruction, and by building personal and meaningful relationships with students and their families." Learn more.

Numerous opportunities are also available, from alternative teacher training to international missions to justice programs. For more information, contact the Center for Social Concerns, Also visit the Catholic Volunteer Network for its directory of full-time, faith-based volunteer opportunities.