Education is a complex and challenging aspect of human experience--both an end in itself and a means to many personal, professional, and spiritual goals. Thus, understanding its history and traditions, analyzing its processes, critiquing its goals, and studying its outcomes are of great importance to all of us. At the heart of the ESS program is the study of how humans learn and how society, politics, and the economy influence that learning.

To sign up or simply learn more, email Ann Primus Berends to make an appointment.

If you're interested in questions like these...

  • What is the purpose of education?
  • How does the history of the US educational system contribute to its present form and goals?
  • Are educational opportunities equitable for all?
  • What factors influence student learning?
  • How does education contribute to the development of the "good" citizen and the "just" society?

...become an ESS minor! 

Contact Ann Primus Berends to learn more and/or sign up. 


Announcements, Events, and Opportunities 


GRADUATION RECEPTION for ESS Seniors will be held Friday, May 17, from 10-noon in Remick Commons. All seniors and their families are welcome to this open house-style event!



GAP YEAR OPPORTUNITIES via the Center for Social Concerns. Click here to learn more.


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