2018-2019 Student Research Topics

Senior Capstone Seminar (Andrea Christensen & Matt Kloser, Professors)

Adrian Barragán: Students’ Perceptions of the Benefits of Diverse Literature

Carolina Botero: Adaptability in Early Childhood

Edward Cheatham: The Impact of Personal Politics on an Undergraduate Student's Sense of BelongingJoseph Crowley: To Read, or Not to Read: Understanding Influences on College Students’ Reading Practices

Lydia Costello: Every Child a Super Reader: The Intersection of Critical Literacy Curriculum and Student Belongingness in Elementary Classrooms

Alexa Coubal: Ethnic Studies Classes Effects on Self-Perceptions of Belongingness of Minority and Non-Minority Students at an Elite, Predominantly White University

Kristin Cullinan: Elementary Teachers' Understandings of Childhood Anxiety

Gabrielle D’Annunzio: Comparing the Process of Identifying Students with Disabilities in Public and Private Schools

Rachel DaDamio: The Multidimensional Engagement Construct and Its Influence on AP Statistics Students’ AchievementOlivia Donnelly: School Mission and Perceptions of the Purpose of Education

Katherine Donohue: The Effects of a Farm-Based Curriculum: A Study of the Benefits of Integrating Farm Work into Elementary Education

Claire Doyle: Teacher Perceptions of Challenges Faced by ENL Students in Early Childhood Education

Karina Fernandez: The Influence of Expectations: Understanding the Relationship Between Teachers’ Perceptions of Students’ Home Environments and their Formation of Classroom Management PhilosophiesNoelle Gasper: College-Going Culture and Student Perceptions of College Counseling Services

Samantha Giacolone: Teacher Legitimization Types Influence Teachers Perceptions on PBIS Programming & Implementation in the Classroom

Kelly Hart: The Effects of School Closure: A Case Study of Peer Relationships and Feelings of Belongingness for Students who Transfer to a New School

Christina Hayford: Analyzing Mentor Goals and Strategies for Children with Incarcerated Parents

Lily Kenesy: Trained vs. Untrained Teachers in the Responsive Classroom Approach: A Case Study Examining Student Social and Academic Outcomes

Caroline McGowan: Improving Literacy Outcomes through Mission Alignment and Partnership

MaryKatherine Nagengast: Post-Secondary Influences on Student Civic and Political Life

Bridget E. Naylor-Komyatte: The Influence of Teacher Attitudes on the Impact of Restorative Justice on School Culture

Emily Okawara: Service Learning Through Catholic Social Teaching: Civic and Moral Maturity Outcomes for Catholic Higher Education

Sierra Rainey: Aggression, Belongingness, and Well-being in College Residence Halls

Megan Reilly: Perceptions of Empowerment in a Dual Language Immersion Program

Matthew C. Rice: The Effect of Violence Proximity on Principals’ Responses to Publicized Incidents of School Violence Sarah Sun: Teacher’s Beliefs, Classroom Practices, and Student Behavioral Engagement of English Learners in Kindergarten Classrooms

Isabel Teixeira: Relating Educator Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs about Autism Spectrum Disorder to Instructional Practices

Michaela Wiese: Learning Through Play in Kindergarten: Socialization, Creative Thinking Skills, & Translations to Students with Developmental Delays

ESS Thesis/Thesis in Major


Caitlin Rosswurm: The Relationship Between Fixed Mindset Thinking and Math Anxiety in High School Math Students 
Andrea Christensen, Advisor

Kimberly Walter: Pediatrician-led Counting and Reading Intentions
Nicole McNeil, Advisor

Katie Ward: Formation of Catholic Character and Identity in Native American Catholic Schools
Brian Collier, Advisor


Vivian Crumlish: A Model for the Future? Evaluating England’s New Unique Compulsory Education Law
Chloe Gibbs, Advisor

Abigail Loughlin: Teacher Motivation: What Keeps Teachers in the Classroom?
Kristin Valentino, Advisor

Evie McManus: Parent-Child Reporting and School Outcomes
Erin Lemrow, Advisor

Alyssa Ngo: Structure of Oppression in Great Books Curriculum
Ernest Morrell, Advisor

Alice Treuth: Science and Math Teacher Knowledge of Education Research
Mark Berends, Matt Kloser, Advisors

Kaitlyn Wong: Racial Representation in Classroom Literature
Brian Collier, Advisor