Where Can ESS Take You?

Education-Related Programs at/through ND


Find more at the website of the Student Activities Office.

Fellowship and Research Opportunities
As an interdisciplinary minor in the College of Arts and Letters, you are eligible to apply for research funds through the following campus entities:

CUSE promotes the intellectual development of ND undergraduates through scholarly engagement, research, creative endeavors, and pursuit of fellowships.

The Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts supports and promotes the research and creative activity of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates in the College of Arts and Letters.

Service and Tutoring Programs
The Center for Social Concerns is a great resource for education-related service opportunities in our local community, including the Summer Service Learning Program and the International Summer Service Learning Program.

Student Clubs

EduClub brings students and departments together to learn about and discuss education policy, reform, and opportunities and to help foster and enhance the growing interest in education on campus. For more information, email Dionna Gary