ESS prepares students for a wide-range of careers and further study in education and education-related fields. Whether you are inspired to become certified as a classroom teacher or pursue doctoral studies in education or to participate in the world of government policy, ESS provides a great foundation to begin your career.

Check out these resources for more information. (This is by no means an exhaustive list, but simply a place to start.)

Library Guides' Industry Overview (includes top ten education careers and career information on education policy, management, and law)

Alternative Routes to Certification

IES Predoctoral Studies in Education

Top Graduate Schools of Education 

Comparison of Post-Graduate Teaching Programs

Government/Policy Jobs

Sampling of Education Policy Organizations

National Association of Independent Schools  (job and organization info)

American Montessori Society  (job, organization, and education info)

Association International Montessori  (jobs, organization, and education info)

International School Services (jobs, organization, and requirements)

Teaching in Overseas State Dept. Sponsored Schools  

Alternative Routes to Certification
Several graduate schools and organizations offer alternative pathways to certification and placement in schools. Details and requirements differ by organization. A few programs that our graduates have pursued are included below.

Alain Locke Initiative's Inner City Teaching Corps

Alliance for Catholic Education at Notre Dame

Boston Teacher Residency

Indy Teach (Indiana)

Lead for America

Match Education

NYC Teaching Fellowships

Reach to Teach (international)

Teach for America

Teaching Fellow TNTP (nationwide)

University Consortium for Catholic Education

Urban Teachers (Baltimore)


IES Predoctoral Studies in Education
The Institute of Education Sciences has funded several interdisciplinary programs in education at various graduate schools of education to encourage interdisciplinary research on education. Entry into these programs differs by institution, with graduate students entering into the interdisciplinary program during their first or second year of graduate school.

Carnegie Mellon University

Florida State University

Johns Hopkins University

Michigan State

New York University

Northwestern University

Pennsylvania State University

Stanford University

Teachers College, Columbia University

University of California Berkeley

University of Chicago

University of Miami

University of Pennsylvania

University of Virginia

University of Washington

University of Wisconsin-Madison 

Vanderbilt University

Top Graduate Schools of Education (per US News and World Report)

#1 Vanderbilt University

#2 Harvard University

#3 University of Texas at Austin

#4 Stanford University

#5 Teachers College

#6 Johns Hopkins University

#6 University of California, Los Angeles

#8 University of Oregon

#9 Northwestern University

#9 University of Pennsylvania

#9 University of Wisconsin-Madison

#12 University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Government/Policy Jobs

US Department of Education

Below is a list of education programs in which former ESS students are employed.

Alliance for Catholic Education 

Breakthrough Collaborative

Inner-City Teaching Corps

Jesuit Volunteer Corps

New York City Teaching Fellows


Teach For America

Teach Kentucky

Transition to Teaching

University Consortium for Catholic Education