What Our Grads are Doing

Each year ESS graduates move on to graduate school, service opportunities, jobs in business, the education sector and beyond.

Here's what our 2019 graduates are pursuing:

Educational Research Assistant - Child Trends, Bethesda, MD

Education Research, American Enterprise Institute - Washington, D.C.

Fulbright English Teaching Assistant - Spain

Fulbright Research - India

Graduate School - University of Notre Dame

Intern, LA Rams - Los Angeles, CA

Intern, U.S. Senate - Washington, D.C.

Loyola University LUCHOICE (Loyola's ACE)

Master’s in Business Analytics - Mendoza College, Notre Dame, IN

Master's in Child Development (Infancy & Administration) - Erikson Institute, Chicago, IL

Master's in Early Childhood Education - Teachers College, Columbia, NYC

Master's in Education – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Master's in Elementary Education - Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Master’s in Social Work - University of Denver

Master's in Early Elementary Inclusive Education - Teachers College, Columbia University, NYC

Master's of Applied Math - University of Notre Dame, Indiana

Master's of Education -ACE - Elementary, Austin, TX

Master's of Education -ACE - Elementary, Denver, CO

Master's of Education -ACE - Elementary, St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN

Master's of Education -ACE - Elementary, Washington, D.C.

Master's of Education -ACE - Elementary, Stockton, CA

Master's of Education -ACE - HS English, Chicago, IL

Master's of Education -ACE - HS English, New Orleans, LA

Master's of Education -ACE - MS Math, Tulsa, OK

Master's of Education -ACE - MS Science, Mission, TX

Medical School - GW University, Washington, D.C.

Medical School - Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

Montessori Teaching Assistant - South Bend, IN

Psychology Lab Manager - University of Illinois

Technology Consultant - Deloitte's Government Practice, Chicago, IL


Here's what our 2018 graduates are pursuing:

  • AmeriCorps volunteer, City Year, Washington, DC
  • AmeriCorps volunteer, Rebuilding Together, Chicago, IL/TFA (2019)
  • AmeriCorps volunteer
  • AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer, North Park University, Chicago, IL
  • Clinical Research Coordinator, UCSF
  • Consultant, Notch Partners
  • Director of Volleyball Relations, Miami University
  • Financial Analyst, Pepsi Co.
  • Fulbright English TA in Russia/TFA (2019)
  • Fulbright English TA in Ecuador
  • Graduate school--engineering
  • Higher Education Analyst, Huron Consulting Group
  • Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program
  • M.Ed., Creighton University (HS History, Milwaukee)
  • M.Ed., Stanford University/TFA (2019)
  • M.Ed., Stanford University
  • M.Ed., Peabody College, Vanderbilt University
  • M.Ed., ACE, University of Notre Dame (11 ESS graduates)
  • M.Ed., PACE, University of Portland
  • M.S., Accountancy, University of Notre Dame
  • M.S./Ph.D., Development Sociology, Cornell University
  • Paralegal/nonprofit work
  • Residential Skills Trainer, Trillium Family Services
  • Teaching in Chicago
  • US Navy - Norfolk, VA
  • Writer, Weekly Standard, Washington, DC


Here's what our 2017 graduates went on to do:

  • Business Management Associate, General Mills, Cincinnati, OH
  • Consultant, Accenture Business Consulting, Miami, FL
  • Commercial Banking Analyst, JP Morgan Chase, New York City
  • Community Relations Coordinator, Harrison Primary School, South Bend, IN
  • Director/Founder, Education Bridge, South Sudan, Africa
  • Entrepreneur, ProMazo Company, a start-up in Chicago, IL
  • Graduate School: Master's in pediatric occupational therapy, Washington University St. Louis
  • Graduate School: Master’s in publishing, Emerson College
  • Graduate School: Master’s in social work, UNC - Chapel Hill
  • Graduate School: Master’s in social work, Case Western University
  • Graduate School: Master’s in speech therapy, Washington DC
  • Graduate School: PhD in educational psychology, Loyola Marymount University
  • Graduate School: PhD in educational psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • IT Consultant, Protiviti, Chicago, IL
  • Lacrosse player, US Women's National Lacrosse Team
  • Middle School Interventionist
  • Missionary, FOCUS, a non-profit organization serving Catholic university students
  • Teacher, Compass Teaching Program, Dallas, TX
  • Teacher, Pacific Alliance for Catholic Education, Takoma, WA
  • Teacher, Teach for America, Washington, DC
  • Teacher, MAGIS teaching program, Creighton University
  • Teaching Fellow, Alliance for Catholic Education, Notre Dame, IN (8 ESS graduates)
  • Volunteer, Heart's Home, Lima, Peru