Education itself is interdisciplinary and cannot be fully understood from any one perspective. Therefore, ESS is designed to help students view education issues through multiple liberal arts lenses--sociology, history, philosophy, political science, and others. Click here for an overview of program requirements.

The program provides resources for students who will pursue a range of careers after graduation, from finance to films, law to medicine, philosophy to policy-making. Students who want to become certified teachers during their undergraduate studies may do so through our cooperative relationship with Saint Mary’s College

What Our Students Say


“Our ESS family at Notre Dame provides us with a niche, a community of diverse minds with unique classroom experiences. Although we come from different backgrounds, we share the dedication to illuminate the possibilities within our country's education system. Whether you're interested in becoming a classroom teacher, human rights lawyer, neuroscientist, or any of the above, you will discover your role within our ESS classes in contributing to academic achievement, motivation, and creativity among students nationwide." Lindsay Baca, Psychology, ESS

Collin O Neill

"ESS pushed me to see the ways in which education extends far behind the classroom...the courses helped me develop a more nuanced understanding of how race, gender, and class create and contribute to America's vast and complex educational landscape." Colin O'Neill, American Studies, Poverty Studies, ESS



"From an intellectual, fact-based understanding of the importance of early childhood education, to confidence in myself and my ideas, to the humbling realization that I know so little about the world and can stand to learn so much from others, my ESS education shaped me into the student, human, and hopeful agent for change that I am today. It reaffirmed my passion for the dignity of the individual, the fundamental importance of communities, and the quest for life-long learning for all." Rachel Iverson, Psychology, Glynn Family Honors Program, ESS